Sunday, July 05, 2015

Worst "World Watch" Ever

Sorry this is late, but I just got around to reading last week's (June 28) Chicago Tribune Travel section.

I regularly read the "World Watch" column even though I have no intention of traveling overseas (I've been to 48 states but I've never been outside the USA) because I often learn things that I haven't heard about in the regular news. But the June 28 installment is not particularly useful. It's behind their pay wall (I have a free six-month pass) so you'll have to settle for my summary:

  • Mexico: Don't go over a fence into a restricted area or a crocodile might attack you,*

  • England: Hay fever is bad so bring your allergy pills.

  • Italy: Don't pee atop the Florence Cathedral or you might get arrested.

  • Greece: Carry lots of cash because of the banking crisis. Or don't carry lots of cash despite the banking crisis.

  • India: Don't drink bootleg liquor because it could contain chemicals or pesticides.
  • Okay, so obey warning signs, bring allergy meds if you have allergies, don't pee where you're not supposed to, bring extra money or don't, and don't drink questionable booze. Only an idiot learned anything from reading this column. Even worse for a column that highlights problems in specific countries around the world, all of this obvious advice is independent of location.

    * The columnists (Larry Habegger and Dani Burlison) admit that the story of a drunken American doing this sounds like a Darwin Award.

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