Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bastard of the Day

I ordered a package from Phoenix, AZ that shipped via FedEx on December 26. I've been following its progress online, and it arrived in Chicago on December 30 at 3:38 PM. When that package left the Chicago facility on December 31 at 5:37 AM, I thought, "Oh boy, maybe it's out for delivery and I'll get it before 2014!" Alas, no package arrived so I resigned myself to waiting until January 2.

After checking outside the front door for my package today, I went to the FedEx website. My package arrived at 1:10 PM today... at FedEx SmartPost in New Berlin, WI. That's near Milwaukee. And now I have a projected delivery date... Monday, January 6! Those bastards had my package in Chicago—where I live—on December 30, and I'm not going to get it until a week later?

UPDATE 01/05/2013 - Okay, our awesome post office* delivered my package on Saturday instead of Monday as predicted by FedEx. That still doesn't let FedEx off the hook for bouncing my package around all week after having it so close to my home on December 30. Sometimes the transparency of online tracking doesn't reflect well on shipping companies. I would have been better off thinking my package was just moving really slowly across the country rather than knowing they doubled the shipping time by sending it away from me.

* I mean that sincerely. We have a great mail carrier who busts his ass to get the job done (as did his predecessor). Also I have a feeling the post office wanted to deliver everything they could on Saturday because Monday's high temperature is expected to be -10 degrees Fahrenheit (yes, I said high, and yes, that is negative—and that's without the wind chill!).

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