Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Strange But True Chicago: Tales of the Windy City by Thomas J. O'Gorman and Lisa Montanarelli

When I moved to Chicago 19 years ago, I couldn't learn enough about the city. I bought and read two dozen books about neighborhoods, history, architecture, restaurants, and especially the characters that have made this such an interesting place. My enthusiasm faded over the years—I haven't even read The Devil in the White City yet, and that book came out almost 11 years ago.

I picked up Strange But True Chicago hoping it would rekindle my interest in reading about the city. The book is a collection of short anecdotes (ranging from a paragraph to a few pages) about Chicago history and characters. I started out reading aloud to my wife a few years ago but we only got through 90 pages. Judging by the last 160 pages, I don't know why we stopped because there isn't really anything wrong with this book. Except the chapter introductions—those are just redundant padding that spoils the stories that follow. It's an easy book to pick up and put down when time is limited, but it's okay to plow through as well.

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