Saturday, December 21, 2013

Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Now this is more like I expected when I chose the theme of unfinished business for December. I struggled through 117 pages of Starstruck in 2011 and set it aside. I couldn't really get into it. It wasn't what I expected; it was more analytic and academic. This month I trudged through the remaining 100 pages.

Currid-Halkett is a college professor who has performed studies of how people become famous and maintain their celebrity. Yeah, I know I look like an idiot saying I didn't expect a book by a professor to be so academic. Starstruck isn't a bad book, it's just a lot more than I wanted to know about the geography, economics, etc. of stardom. There is some interesting stuff, but in between I had trouble staying focused. And although it shows a lack of culture, I will confess that the parts about the art world bored me to tears.


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