Thursday, August 15, 2013

July Wrap-Up/August Theme

July was a fun month. I have lots of books about rock music, and I've been waiting all year to read them (though I did slip in one or two under other themes earlier). I read a total of eight books in July including four very enjoyable memoirs from folks with varying degrees of fame. The only book I would classify as a dud is the first one I read, The Year the Music Died, mostly because of numerous inaccuracies (it wasn't awful, I just can't trust it). It's going to be hard to go five more months without reading another rock book. Maybe I'll find another genre-bender that I can squeeze into a different theme.

I also have a lot of books about football*, and that will be my theme for August in honor of the NFL preseason. Most of my books cover the pros, but I may read a book or two about lower levels as well.

* I have heard that football books are not nearly as popular as baseball books. But golf books are the most popular of all. I don't think I have ever read a golf book and I probably never will. I have bought some baseball books, but I rarely get around to reading any of them. Pro football is the only sport I pay much attention to these days.

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