Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Love Everybody (and Other Atrocious Lies) by Laurie Notaro

After being disappointed by Jen Lancaster's third book, I was a bit leery of reading Laurie Notaro's third book.*

No worries. I enjoyed I Love Everybody just as much as her first two books. This one reminds me a little more of her first book, a broad collection of tales, than of her second book, which began with the narrative of her wedding preparations. Regardless, she's still laugh-out-loud hilarious** without being unlikable or obnoxious like Lancaster has sadly become. I have all of Notaro's other books (aside from her latest) yet to read so I hope she kept writing funny stories like these.

Comparing the two is appropriate, as Lancaster credits Notaro with inspiring her writing career:
Fact: If it weren’t for Laurie Notaro, I may never have had a career as an author.  I was unemployed and under-stimulated when I first picked up The Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Guide.  I inhaled this hilarious book in a day, the whole time thinking, “You’re allowed to write funny stories about getting drunk and falling down?  I WANT IN ON THIS!”
** I was eating lunch one day at Sweet Tomatoes when the people at the neighboring table asked what I was reading because I seemed to be enjoying it so much.

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