Saturday, July 06, 2013

How Not to Read: Harnessing the Power of a Literature-Free Life by Dan Wilbur

I was hoping this book would save me a lot of time, money, and space. If I embraced not reading, I could finally stop shopping for books and give away the hundreds I haven't read yet. I could turn the library into an S & M dungeon or something (just kidding—we have a room underneath the library in the basement that would be much better suited for that purpose).

Anyway, though I was disappointedly unconvinced, at least I got a lot of laughs out of How Not to Read. Wilbur includes topics such as how to pretend you've read a book and how to write your own. Plus he covers the entire history of Western literature in under 25 pages. As someone who spends way too much time reading books, I loved How Not to Read.

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