Monday, July 15, 2013

Chocolate Please: My Adventures in Food, Fat, and Freaks by Lisa Lampanelli

I love Lampanelli on Comedy Central's celebrity roasts, but her stand-up routines are just so-so. Though this book includes a chapter of roast highlights, most of it reminds me more of her stand-up. It's not as funny as I was hoping, although it gets better as it goes on. The chapters about rehab are surprisingly good, partly because it's rehab for emotional overeating and codependency—a welcome variation on the overdone drugs/alcohol addiction/recovery genre. My wife liked this book more than I did, but she likes Lampanelli's stand-up more than I do, too.

By the way, I like the hardcover illustration (second below) better than the paperback. It's funnier and more accurate.


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