Saturday, June 01, 2013

May Wrap-Up/June Theme

For May's theme of work, I read ten books. A few covered many occupations while others focused on one. I learned something about at least 240 jobs, and a lot about 12 or so. My favorites were Big Dead Place, Canned, Ambulance Girl, and You Want Fries with That?. The only one I really disliked was Malled. As for conclusions, as I suspected, most of the books I read in May made me glad I don't work anymore.

I had a little trouble choosing a theme for June, but since Rosco died I need to try to keep from getting too depressed. He is the fourth pet we've lost in 16 months, and he was with us since the last century. Therefore June's theme is laughter. I have lots of books by comedians as well as humorous writers like Dave Barry, Laurie Notaro, and Jen Lancaster. So I probably won't learn anything profound this month, but at least I hope to keep smiling.

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