Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Musical Coincidence

I'm reading a book called Scratch Beginnings by Adam Shepard at Philly's Best on Belmont. The author stays at a homeless shelter, and he's talking with a nutty guy who says
Did you know that a barracuda is actually a combination of a fish and a dragon and a hawk? Right now it can only exhibit its fish powers, because the other two are chained down by the demons deep below the Earth's surface, but believe me, one day, the barracuda is going to take over the world.
I told you he was nutty. Anyway I continued reading, and less than two paragraphs later, "Barracuda" by Heart played over the PA! BTW this is the same place where I heard "Down Under" while reading about Australia last month.

Another customer said to her friend, "This is so weird. It's like Heart has been following me around all week. I've been hearing this song everywhere!"

My first thought was to tell her this time it was my fault because of what I was reading. But my next thought was that perhaps "Barracuda" playing had nothing to do with my book and was all because of her. Then I returned to reading my book before more levels of weirdness piled on.

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