Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh, Shit.

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting today that the nefarious Koch brothers, enemy to all that is progressive, worker-friendly, and beautiful in the world, are interested in buying the Chicago Tribune.

If that happens, I will cancel my Tribune subscription. I can get my Sunday coupons online instead. Fuck those sons of bitches (sons of a bitch?). But then Rupert Murdoch is also interested*. And even without them, the Trib's recently implemented digital subscription model irritates me, along with the audio ads that scream out of my phone at inopportune moments. It looks like my 30-odd years of reading the once-venerable Tribune are coming to an end soon.

* Murdoch would be better than the Kochs. Murdoch uses sensationalism to sell newspapers, and everyone expects it and knows it's bullshit. But the Kochs would probably be more subtle, gently shading, twisting, and slanting the truth to promote their pro-oil, pro-wealthy, anti-worker agenda.

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