Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Sixth Continent!

It took the random selection of my website for a search engine evaluator test, but I finally got my first visitors from Africa this month. I missed the exact dates and locations amid the deluge of hits, but I've had one visitor from Nigeria and four visitors from Egypt (including Cairo yesterday morning, recent enough that it hasn't scrolled off my MapLoco logs yet).

Incredibly, the second most popular country behind the United States (albeit far, far behind) is Turkey! Turkey is followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, and Croatia. It's been fun to see so many different flags on Feedjit this month. I have also enjoyed the responses to my blog post inquiring about the flood as well as a couple of personal e-mails from visitors.

I'm still waiting for Antarctica, of course. I'm a little surprised I haven't had any visitors from Alaska either.

Note: MapLoco and Feedjit don't pick up everybody so all of the above is "representative" as opposed to hard data.

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