Sunday, March 10, 2013

Exes & Ohs: A Downtown Girl's (Mostly Awkward) Tales of Love, Lust, Revenge, and a Little Facebook Stalking by Shallon Lester

Now that March is one-third over, I'd better finish my book reviews from February's "relationships" theme!

Remember when I said it seems like every woman in New York City writes a dating memoir? Well, here is another one, the funniest of the micro-genre that I've read.

Lester starred in a short-lived reality show on MTV called Downtown Girls that I haven't seen and hadn't even heard of before I read the author page. When I bought this book, I naively thought the cover was illustrated with colorful circles or bubbles, like "O"s (or Ohs). It wasn't until I started reading that I realized the bubbles are actually condoms! Lester did some promotional work for Trojan, and they rewarded her with lots and lots of free samples.

Anyway, this is a fun collection of dating stories guaranteed to make you laugh. Subject matter includes "love, loss, revenge, hockey, condoms, car thieves, hookers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many, many men." And Lester swears the stories are all true.

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