Monday, February 04, 2013

Super Bowl Thoughts

I fretted for days about where I should go to watch the game, but ultimately sharing my experience with a group of anonymous and possibly obnoxious people didn't hold much appeal. It finally came down to food, and I decided that I was more interested in scarfing down a bag of white cheddar popcorn than eating anything at a bar or restaurant. So I stayed home and enjoyed my popcorn... after eating a paczki appetizer (Fat Tuesday is right around the corner!).

In the second half I broke out the good whiskey, a bottle of 18-year-old Laphroaig I got for Christmas. That's another advantage of staying home--that glass of fine single malt would have cost at least $15 at a bar, and for a stingier pour.

The power outage--who really gives a shit? I mean, it was novel and somewhat amusing (personally I was disappointed that only half of the lights went out), but today it seems to be the Big Story in the news. During the game, the announcers kept updating us with explanations of why it happened, as if we couldn't enjoy the rest of the game without getting to the bottom of this. I'm surprised no one suggested it was al-Qaeda. Or aliens. Who cares? As they say in the barrio, caca pasa.

It was a weak year for commercials. I liked the Audi commercial about the guy going to the prom, and the Clydesdale commercial was sweet though predictable, but nothing else was particularly good (I was going to say memorable, but the commercial was memorable without being good).*
EDIT: Okay, I forgot a couple of others that I liked: the Mercedes commercial with the devil and the Skechers ad with the guy chasing down the cheetah.

I didn't think I cared who won since I don't like either team (I thought about not even watching). But Jim Harbaugh is just such a festering asshole that I was happy to see the Ravens beat him. Some might call him passionate, but he's just a crybaby to me (even worse than the contemptible Pete Carroll). Say what you will about Lovie Smith, but he never gave Bears fans anything to be embarrassed about with his sideline demeanor. Jim Harbaugh makes Mike Ditka look like Tom Landry.

Joe Flacco gained the most from this game. I think he will soon sign a contract for much more money than he's worth. He's always been underrated,  but now he'll be overrated. I'd put him in the second tier of quarterbacks, very good but not at the level of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers. Flacco has been important to the Ravens, but defense is still their greatest strength.

After the game, I think Ray Lewis called the 49ers Satan-worshipping bastards, or at least atheists. When asked about the Ravens' victory, he said, "When God is with you, who can be against you?" So apparently the 49ers are godless since they lost. I know many athletes regularly credit God for their success (and Lewis beats it to death), but the way Lewis put it implies that God didn't just favor his side (you know, because He had a lot of dough riding on the game in Vegas), but that God smote the 49ers. Words are important, even if you're just a thuggish athlete who beat a murder rap, and if I were a Christian 49er** I'd be offended.

* I can imagine that dweeby guy deliberately messing up during filming so he could do multiple takes of graphically kissing Bar Rafaeli.
** I suppose any Jewish or Muslim 49er as well, but you know what I mean. Oddly enough, I don't recall any Jewish athletes crediting God for their victories, even though the Bible is full of that sort of thing.

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