Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sugarbabe by Holly Hill

Sydneyite Holly Hill gets dumped by her sugar daddy and decides to place an ad to find a new one. Despite the titillating subject matter, this book isn't worth reading. Hill is smug about her actions and somewhat unlikable. There are occasional bits of erotica but they are outweighed by self-involved drivel and frivolous details (I really don't care what foods she is serving to the men she is servicing, much less how she purchases them--I'm surprised she didn't publish the market receipts). Hill portrays herself as a woman of the world (and she's pushing 40), but then she is confounded by a sext message because she doesn't know what Greek and facial mean (I'm pretty sure I knew as a teenager). She is a "former" psychologist, and she inevitably lapses into psychobabble as the book wears on.

The cheesy cover art--a closeup of a slightly open mouth, lips coated with sugar crystals and tongue licking the corner--makes Sugarbabe hard to read in public without embarrassment. I had to be careful how I held it on the train so only a passenger lying on the floor could have seen it.

This is one of the most cynical books I've ever read. Hill's conclusion is that men can't be monogamous so we should negotiate the terms of fidelity before marriage, like a prenuptial agreement but sexual. I know the biological/evolutionary arguments against monogamy, but Hill's "controversial" and cynical angle is a bit much. I suppose guys who cheat would like this book because the author justifies their indiscretions.

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