Monday, February 11, 2013

Dishwasher: One Man's Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States by Pete Jordan

Jordan lived a nomadic lifestyle for several years washing dishes in all sorts of places around the country. He worked at an Alaskan fishing camp, on a Gulf of Mexico oil rig, at a casino, in a kosher kitchen, at a summer camp, and in too many little cafes to mention. Along the way, he sporadically published a zine aptly titled Dishwasher.

Eventually he moved to Amsterdam where he was forced to retire from dishwashing. The minimum wage there is on a graduated scale by age, so restaurants could hire a 16-year-old to do the job for half of what they'd have to pay him.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit; it's my first page-turner of 2013. Over the years, I've read memoirs by a waiter, two waitresses, a chef, a cook, and a dishwasher. Now I just need to find a busboy book to complete the dining memoir experience.

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