Friday, December 28, 2012

Year-End Follow-Through

Finally, I can say there's something good about the I.R.S. If not for their deadlines, I'd have bags and boxes full of former clutter indefinitely. With December 31 rapidly approaching, I'm trying to get stuff delivered to the appropriate charities.

Today my wife helped me out. She was going to volunteer at Chicago Animal Care & Control, which is just a few blocks away from Working Bikes. I loaded the car with one old bike, one box, three big bags, and a couple of tires. I had been resisting the drive to the other side of town for months. She stopped by there, dropped off the stuff, and got a donation receipt. I figure it's about $400 worth including lots of new or gently used parts (notably suspension seatposts, saddles, and fenders) and assorted bags (not the Arkels). I know my Cannondale hybrid should have gone, too, but I'm not quite ready to part with it yet.

Next I have to finish boxing up and documenting a bunch of clothes and stuff for the Salvation Army or Goodwill. I need to drop off at least one carload by December 31.

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