Saturday, December 01, 2012

November - BC2012 and Other Goals

November was a pretty good month for some goals, but I lost track of others. There is a saying that if you focus on everything, you focus on nothing. It has become clear that 10 goals is too many to work on consistently. That's a lesson learned for next year. I will happily drop a few goals I've accomplished, and I will shed a few more that are less important and/or harder to quantify. I haven't decided what to do regarding books, but in general it has worked out well for me this year, both pushing me to read more and forcing me to be more judicious about my purchases. But enough about 2013; I still have one more month to go in 2012.

1. Book Challenge 2012: I read 13 books in November, more than twice as many as in October. That puts my total well beyond the number I read in 2009, and I still have another month to go. Alas, I also bought a lot of books so I won't "win" by much. November totals: 13 books finished, 12 acquired. Overall totals: 112 books finished, 110 books acquired.

2. Cut down on e-mail: I finally bit the bullet and cancelled daily subscriptions to AdAge, YouSwoop, Eversave, Google Offers, and most LivingSocial lists. I bought a 2013 Entertainment Book that I will mine for savings in lieu of daily deals sites. I'm still on the fence about a couple of Yahoo Groups that I read in digest form.

3. Drive less: This wasn't one of my best months. I drove a lot one weekend when my wife was out of town, so I guess that means I can't be trusted without supervision.

4. Physical activity: Besides walking to Lincoln Square to shop once or twice a week, I haven't been doing much. I have to straighten out a couple of other issues before I can properly address this.

5. Drink more: I finished off the UV pink lemonade vodka and a bottle of Pinnacle plain vodka. The UV cake vodka is almost gone, and the Sobieski plain vodka is half finished. By the end of the year, I should have only one bottle left of the six vodkas I got with a Groupon deal last December. Too bad the "drink more water" part of this goal hasn't worked out as well as the "drink more booze" part has.

6. Dine and shop locally: Costello's and Rockwell's have had some great specials this month so I've been to both a lot. I also bought four books at the Book Cellar (one is a gift) to make up for not buying any in October, and I shopped at Gene's Sausage Shop as well. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck finding Christmas gifts locally.

7. Clean and declutter: Not much progress lately, though I keep chipping away at the clutter in the kitchen and the dining room. I still need to take a carload to Goodwill plus several bags of stuff to Working Bikes.

8. Enhance and expand my web presence: I finally ordered and received my new website development and management software, but I probably won't do anything with it until 2013.

9. Figure out my professional future: This one is officially resolved: I'm a homemaker.

10. Floss regularly: This one is officially resolved as well: eight months without missing a day.

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