Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BC2012: The Rock Snob*s Dictionary by David Kamp and Steven Daly

I bought this when it came out seven years ago, but I only made it to the letter E. I recently unearthed it while cleaning the bedroom, and I decided to start over at the beginning.

Do you have a friend who says Macca instead of "Paul McCartney"? Does your friend rave about groups like Big Star and Badfinger and use words like seminal? If so, you need this "Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge" to figure out what the heck he/she (most likely he, in my experience) is talking about.

This book covers all the obscure-but-lauded bands, specialized sub-genres, "lost classic" albums, misunderstood geniuses, and other elements of the rock snob's world. I particularly love the entries where the authors use the word in a sentence, usually a painfully pretentious and condescending one!

This is great stuff, especially for those looking to explore the dusty corners of rock history or trying to comprehend the perspective of rock critics (critics being the best-known of rock snobs--and of course Lester Bangs gets an entry in this book).

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