Thursday, November 08, 2012

Oh Jeez, Not Another One!

Yep, we're back up to three dogs. Just like last time, the third is an older yellow lab female. Her name is Rexy, she's eleven, and she used to be a bomb-sniffing police dog.

We've had her for a few weeks, but I held off posting because I was kind of hoping someone else would want her. She's not much trouble by herself, but any dog is a burden when it's the third. She is afraid to go down our back stairs, which is pretty annoying because we have to take her out in front all the time. On the bright side, she doesn't waste much time out there, just squats and does whatever she has to do. And sniffs. She loves to sniff, which is how she got her old job in the first place.

Oh, and she likes to sleep, although she gets around pretty well for her age. And thank your lucky stars this blog isn't Smell-O-Vision because she's got a butt trumpet that plays nonstop (and I mean that in the audible sense -- she's like the Dizzy Gillespie of gas).

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