Tuesday, November 06, 2012

How is this thing even close?

 From a Chicago Tribune e-mail alert* an hour ago:
Voting began this morning in a neck-and-neck presidential election with polls showing President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney effectively tied in a race that likely will be decided in a handful of states.
There's a reason I haven't been blogging about this presidential campaign.** How can anyone take a ridiculously wealthy corporate rapist*** devoid of personality and good ideas like Romney seriously? Even the Republicans I know can't understand how anyone can feel inspired to vote for him. He's a total loser of a candidate, and yet this election is "neck-and-neck"? What the Hell are people thinking?

Everyone gets their pants in a bunch when someone cries "racism", but Romney's only notable trait aside from being rich and smug is his Wonder Bread whiteness. At least racism is a more honest reason for voting for him rather than "I think Romney is really looking out for middle-class Americans and he has great ideas." (I think the real elephant in the room is Mormonism. It's hard to imagine evangelical Christians who have dismissed Mormonism as a cult for so long are willing to put a Mormon in the Oval Office, but maybe they really do hate Obama that much. Besides, evangelicals are nothing if not hypocritical.)

I'm fairly convinced -- and I'm not alone -- that the alleged closeness of this contest is a media conspiracy designed to keep us from having turned off our televisions months ago. I hope I'm right because Romney's America scares me even more than Dubya's America.

* BTW I find these "alerts" about nothing to be rather annoying. We have known when Election Day is for a long time, so how is this "news"? The occurrence of a scheduled event is not news, and yet the Tribune sends me crap like this all the time.

** In retrospect, I should have been linking to the awesome stories in Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi and others.

*** If, after enduring the Wall Street-engineered financial crisis and economic collapse, we elect a guy who made his fortune sucking the value out of companies and screwing people on Wall Street, then maybe we deserve what we get. We may as well elect Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs.

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