Friday, November 02, 2012

Death of a DJ

Someone recently contacted me about purchasing my DJRider domain for his DJ persona. Since I was getting tired of my initials anyway, I figured this would be the time to reorganize my online world. In a nutshell, everything will move to or disappear except for Biking Illinois:
  • The location of this blog will not change.
  • The location of Biking Illinois will not change.
  • Dave's Bicycling Pages are now here. I will no longer use DJRider.*
  • My business site, DJWriter, is gone, but the domain points to
  • Some sites link to Dave's Bicycling Pages through the DJWriter domain. Those links should still work.
  • My ever-popular anti-Vegas blog entry is still in the same place for those who have linked to it, even though my blog moved two years ago, my company site is gone, and the blog's name has changed. I would prefer that people visit this page in the blog's new location instead, but I don't want to break those links.
  • I'll probably hang on to the DJWriter domain indefinitely unless someone wants to buy it.
  • America in Pictures and my 2007 PNW travelogue remain at as always.
The homepage for is still as butt-ugly as before, but I hope to redo it someday soon (but you all know how that goes...). Maybe I should put in one of those "under construction" animated GIFs with blinking lights and pretend it's 1996!

I just thought of something... This reorganization could be considered part of my decluttering project. I have simplified my online presence, getting rid of a domain I didn't really need. Now everything is together in one place.

Next up: I really need to migrate off this old laptop from 2005 (yes, the very laptop that Biking Illinois was written on!) and back onto my faster desktop that was fixed three months ago. I know part of it is that I like the Windows XP interface so much better than Windows 7. Another looming issue is organizing my back-up external hard drives (I have at least seven). I also need to learn a new web development product (leaning toward WebPlus X6). I've been using KompoZer on the laptop, but it hasn't been updated in several years.

* I started using DJRider because all of my cycling stuff was at DJWriter and I was worried that when I told people the URL, they might think I said rider instead of writer (my web hosting package includes five domains anyway, so why not?). Now that I'm not using DJWriter anymore, there isn't any reason to have DJRider either, especially since I'm not adding much content to it anymore. DJRider never caught on with the search engines anyway.

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