Thursday, November 08, 2012

BC2012: I Hate Everything by Matthew DiBenedetti

I had an idea for a book like this, but it didn't work out. That's okay; DiBenedetti did a much better job with the concept than I would have. This book could easily be an unbearable litany of whiny complaints, but the author is more clever than that. Here is one example:
I hate that I'm going bald.
I hate that I still make fun of bald people.
I hate karma.
I Hate Everything is at least worth leafing through in the bookstore. Odds are good that the reader will chuckle enough while flipping pages to go ahead and buy the book. It might depend on one's mood at the time, too. I read this to my wife over the course of a week. At one point she said she couldn't take all that negativity and asked me to read only ten pages per day. The next day I plowed through the remainder of the book (more than 50 pages) and she didn't complain.

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