Monday, October 01, 2012

September - BC2012 and Other Goals

September was another down month for most of my goals, but BC2012 did not fare nearly as badly as in August.

1. Book Challenge 2012: Last month was a disaster. I gave in to my hoarding, acquisitive self and bought way too many books, destroying months worth of good behavior. This month came out on the positive side, but barely. September totals: 10 books finished, 9 acquired. Overall totals: 93 books finished, 85 books acquired.

2. Cut down on e-mail: I still need to bite the bullet and cancel more subscriptions.

3. Drive less: I did okay with this in September. I took the L downtown instead of driving to the suburbs a few times.

4. Physical activity: At this point, I've pretty much resigned myself to a short, bulbous life as Jabba the Hutt.

5. Drink more: I finished off two bottles of single malt -- 10-year Laphroig and 12-year Highland Park -- so there is room in my scotch cabinet for something new (IIRC both of those bottles lasted more than eight years, one reason spirits are better than beer or wine). I've also been working my way through the vodka.

6. Dine and shop locally: Not much dining due to ongoing disappointment with local restaurants, but I did shop a bit locally.

7. Clean and declutter: I'm pretty much in a holding pattern. Things haven't gotten worse, but I haven't made much progress lately.

8. Enhance and expand my web presence: No progress.

9. Figure out my professional future: I have no professional future, but I'll write more about that some other time.

10. Floss regularly: As I wrote earlier, every day for the past six months!

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