Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Life is an Open Book

The Open Books people were scheduled to pick up our books today. Last night at 2:00 AM I finally chose our 500th book to donate (perhaps appropriately, How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business, which apparently didn't help me much*).  Here's what 500 books looks like:
This morning at 10:30 AM they arrived to cart them all away. I can't take all the credit since many of these books belonged to my wife, but it feels good to finally get them out of the house. We still have more books than we can fit in our library, though. Here's what 500 missing books looks like:
The stuff on and behind the chair on the left is the beginning of a carload for Goodwill.

* IIRC the author's premise seemed to be that writing a business plan was the key to being a successful home-based writer. I would say that marketing is the key, and you don't really need a formal business plan as much as you need a marketing strategy. And even more important than either is the motivation and persistence to follow through. A poor marketing strategy executed with 100% commitment will always do better than an excellent marketing strategy executed weakly.

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