Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lyrics of the Day

You may have noticed a new title for the blog today. I don't know whether I'll stick with it yet, but it's the best I've come up with so far.* I borrowed it from the title track of Warren Zevon's excellent but forgotten album Transverse City. The song, like most of the album, presents a dehumanized, dystopian future of technology run amok and environmental decay including this litany:

Here's the hum of desperation 
Here's the test tube mating call 
Here's the latest carbon cycle 
Here's the clergy of the mall 
Here's the song of shear and torsion 
Here's the bloodbath magazine 
Here's the harvest of contusions 
Here's the narcoleptic dream

I saw Zevon on the Transverse City Tour in early 1990 with a band composed of himself and a Macintosh computer. The synthesizer program played on the computer while he sang. The tour T-shirt was awesome.

I love the album, possibly due to the tour halo effect but mostly because it is so lyrically dark and musically eclectic. Alas Zevon pretty much abandoned it after the tour. Maybe somebody stole his Mac. I think the acoustic "Splendid Isolation" is the only song that survived in future setlists.

* Way back in 2004 when I started this blog, I almost called it "Shades of Gray" because I tend to see things that way as opposed to black & white (BTW the blog was much more political back then). IIRC I found another blog with that name so I didn't use it. Thank goodness I didn't! (I love how The Onion A.V. Club describes Fifty Shades of Grey as "a parody of erotica and coherent writing.")

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