Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Biking Illinois Update on the Chopping Block?

If anyone has a good argument for why I should update Biking Illinois -- and it would only be a cursory, half-assed update in all honesty* -- please post here or e-mail me ASAP. At this point it doesn't look like a worthwhile endeavor for me, my publisher, or the Illinois cycling community.

Briefly: My book stood alone in 2006, but now there are books that cater specifically to road riders and path riders (my mixed book has limited appeal when other books suit their respective niches), as well as two books for Chicago area riders. Aside from the great road routes I created (which got very little attention, much to my disappointment (80% of my efforts went into those rides though they were less than half of the book)), there is little info that cannot be found in those other books and/or online. Writing an update doesn't offer much to me personally either -- I lost money writing the original, and my hopes that it would help me get other paying work were naive at best. And heck, I hardly ride anymore -- or write, for that matter -- so my motivation and passion are weak. I thought I could psyche myself up for it, but I just can't.

But if anyone can see beyond all that, please say so. Otherwise I'm planning to call my publisher and bail out within the next few days (or whenever I get my courage up).

* I would make a few updates and corrections, and then I would add a paragraph at the end of each ride pointing out nearby trails that aren't mentioned in the first book (with a URL for more info, usually a state or county webpage). I probably wouldn't be riding or adding any new trails.

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