Friday, September 21, 2012

BC2012: Tokyo Confidential: Titillating Tales from Japan's Wild Weeklies edited by Mark Schrieber

I bought this last week at Frugal Muse, a bookstore I found through Groupon (I spent a Groupon there last year). It would be my local bookstore if I hadn't moved away from Woodridge at age seven. This book looked interesting, albeit a little perverted (but this is Japanese culture we're talking about, so what do you expect?), and I figured I could pass it along to my Japanophile sister-in-law.

This is one crazy book. It includes perhaps 100 or so articles that summarize articles that appeared in Japan's weekly tabloids (note that these are not the original articles). Some are about individuals or specific subcultures. Others could be categorized as "oh my gosh, what's happening to this younger generation?" And a number are just plain weird. It's a fascinating look into Japanese popular culture, though one can't help question the veracity of at least a few stories.

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