Saturday, September 01, 2012

August - BC2012 and Other Goals

August was a bad month for most of my goals, especially BC2012, which had been going so well.

1. Book Challenge 2012: Remember the Labor Day weekend sale at Half Price Books, the annual event that inspired the first Book Challenge? I was so proud of myself in Book Challenge 2009 for resisting its siren song. This year's sale was disastrous. I didn't buy as many books as in 2008, but I bought enough to seriously damage the nice ratio I had been building over the first seven months of the year. The only good thing I can say about August is that I'm still on track to break my previous record for books finished in a year. August totals: 9 books finished, 29 acquired. Overall totals: 83 books finished, 76 books acquired.

2. Cut down on e-mail: There is more in my inbox than I'd like, but I guess it's okay. I need to cancel a few more e-mail subscriptions.

3. Drive less: Not this month! I drove more in August than any month this year except June, when we took a vacation to Wisconsin. That included visiting every HPB in Chicagoland.

4. Physical activity: Not much. I went for a couple of bike rides, but only during the last week of the month. And for anyone who remembers last month's entry, I rode two other bikes instead of fixing my flat-tired Bike Friday.

5. Drink more: I drank some of my Door County cherry-infused vodka (great with Sprite), but overall it wasn't a big month for drinking. As for water, I'm having trouble balancing the goal of drinking more with the goal of not waking up to pee several times a night.

6. Dine and shop locally: This one didn't go so well. I went to Monti's again, but this time I didn't like my Philly cheesesteak (I didn't hang around to test the refills-after-check service). Then two weeks ago I had two disappointing breakfasts at Rockwell's -- and sometimes I spend all week looking forward to breakfast there, so that really upset me. And the last time I went to Costello's, they shorted me a meatball! That may not sound like much, but their sandwich comes with only four large meatballs, so missing one is a big deal. I bought a book locally, but other than that, I didn't have much love for Lincoln Square this month.

7. Clean and declutter: I started the month well, but I've lost momentum. I still have those boxes of books to donate sitting in the living room. At least I haven't gone into them to fish out anything, but I need to follow through and get them out of here. Ditto for several bags of cycling stuff in the basement.

8. Enhance and expand my web presence: No progress, and thanks to # 9, probably no progress for the rest of the year.

9. Figure out my professional future: It looks like I will be updating my book. We'll see how it turns out, I guess. At least it will keep me busy for a few months.

10. Floss regularly: Every day for the past five months!

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