Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Like... What?

Last weekend we were in the car listening to The John Lennon Collection. I love that CD because in addition to his greatest hits, the disc includes almost all of John's songs from Double Fantasy without the interruption of Yoko's songs (I am not a Yoko hater*, but her music just doesn't appeal to me).

As "Watching the Wheels" was ending, I said, "That's my favorite song on Double Fantasy." I didn't expand on that thought aloud, but the song has taken on new meaning for me in recent years since I dropped out of the working world. I always enjoyed it, but now I can really identify with it.

My wife said, "My favorite is 'Imagine'." I explained to her that "Imagine" is not on Double Fantasy and told her which songs are.

She said, "I'd like to say my favorite is "(Just Like) Starting Over"... but then when I think of what the lyrics are about, I know I shouldn't like it."

Huh? I was utterly baffled. I found it very strange that the lyrics about reconnecting as a couple would offend her.** "Um, what exactly do you think the lyrics are about?" I asked.

"It's about leaving his first wife for Yoko, isn't it?"

Wow! I realize that because my wife's parents are divorced, she views a lot of things through that prism. But it takes some selective listening to get that out of "(Just Like) Starting Over"!

* It's hard to hate her knowing how much they loved each other. Besides, the Beatles broke up for a bunch of reasons, so the people who still blame her are just wrong.

** I can't pick "(Just Like) Starting Over" as my favorite from Double Fantasy because I see it as not just a relationship song, but also as a statement about John's return to the music world. And that just reminds me how it was cut short so soon after. Consequently, though it's a great song, I can't listen to it without crying.

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