Sunday, July 01, 2012

June - BC2012 and Other Goals

June was a good month overall, especially compared to last year when I spent most of the month visiting my grandfather in the hospital. This June began with a vacation and ended with the arrival of Moose, our new furry family member.

1. Book Challenge 2012: I got off to a slow start during our vacation and didn't read many books this month. On the bright side, I bought only a few books and even gave my $5 birthday coupon for Afterwords to a friend. June totals: 8 books finished, 3 books purchased. At the year's halfway point, I'm happily surprised by both overall totals: 62 books finished, 38 books purchased.

2. Cut down on e-mail: I got pretty aggressive with this in June. For the past two weeks, my unread messages have hovered in the 60s, a great improvement over recent months when I had more than 300. At this moment I'm down to 47 (and half of those can be eliminated when I get the sound fixed on my PC). I've also unsubscribed from a bunch of lists to help keep my inbox manageable.

3. Drive less: This one is going about as well as I could hope. Aside from our vacation, we drove out to McHenry to meet Moose.

4. Physical activity: We hiked a few miles in Wisconsin early in the month, and then I walked all over River North in 90-degree heat for two evenings at the end of the month. I went for a couple of bike rides, but more often I just thought about it. I hope to walk Moose more after his heart worm treatment is finished.

5. Drink more: This was a success on both counts: I drank more water and more booze.

6. Dine and shop locally: I'm still uncertain about buying a book locally every month because it goes against two goals (#1 & #7) in the service of one (#6), but I figured it would be okay this month since I didn't buy many books elsewhere. I also visited the local distillery for the first time in June. I drove there instead of walking, but that was good because I bought five bottles of spirits (a big load to carry home, plus there's always the chance of being mugged by alcoholics!). As usual, I dined locally plenty.

7. Clean and declutter: After reading The Secret Lives of Hoarders, I launched a full-on assault on our clutter. I threw out boxes of junk. I shredded hundreds of papers. I set aside half a carload for Goodwill plus a few boxes for Open Books. I even cleaned most of my desk. Overall, I made some progress in almost every room in the house. My wife is noticing; now I wish she would help.

8. Enhance and expand my web presence: I didn't make any progress, but I sold another $250 worth of advertising.

9. Figure out my professional future: No progress. Each month finds me a bit further adrift.

10. Floss regularly: I've been doing it three months straight now. I almost broke my streak on vacation when my trial-sized spool ran out, but my wife let me use hers.

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