Saturday, July 14, 2012

BC2012: Pedaling for Pizza: Our Odyssey on Bikes by Jay McNaught and Robert Berger

When I saw this at Half Price Books in Madison, WI, I just had to buy it. After all, it combines three of my favorite activities: reading, biking, and eating pizza.

It's a fun book, albeit somewhat of a vanity project. These biking buddies seem more interested in documenting their cycling adventures together than providing a useful guide to pizza. The style is casual and conversational; McNaught and Berger remind me of a rambling Click and Clack.

The authors are apparently working on another book, so I have a few suggestions to make it better than the first:
  1. You need to review more pizzas!
  2. I like that you include lots of pictures, but the captions shouldn't merely repeat sentences from the main text.
  3. You should eliminate the excerpts in the margins -- that's more of a magazine style than a book style. (Numbers 2 and 3 can be summed up as "I don't like to read the same words twice.")
  4. Most importantly, why would you go through all the effort and expense of writing and self-publishing a book without hiring a decent proofreader?!?!? It's not just the spelling errors... Sheesh, there are two Chapter Sevens!
Incidentally, I happen to know someone who'd love to proofread your next manuscript.

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