Monday, July 02, 2012

Another Reason to Declutter

Since Moose arrived, there is a new game in our house: What was that?

Here's how it works. I go upstairs to use the computer, leaving a disappointed and bored Moose on the other side of the pet gate (this gate isolates our Siamese cat from our crazy dogs). I'll be reading an article, playing a game, or blogging, and suddenly I'll hear a noise. What was that? Then I run down the stairs to see what sort of mischief Moose has gotten into.

On Friday, he had upended a sturdy wooden chair in the mud room, clawed at the plastic blinds, and knocked over a few other things in that room. Tonight... To be honest, I just can't tell what that was. It might have been the food scoop in the kitchen, which I found lying on the floor, but it didn't really sound like it was that, or like it was only that. And there is the inspiration to declutter: so we can easily scan the room and figure out what is out of place. It's like Highlights magazine come to life -- can you find what's different in this picture?

Unfortunately, Moose has inspired decluttering in another way as well. Last night he pissed on the mud room floor, which happens to be particularly uneven, meaning that his urine ran everywhere. My wife was so angry she said we'll have to return him, but later she backed down. On the bright side, our mud room mostly serves as a sort of halfway house for future garbage anyway. Moose just expedited the process.

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