Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome Home, Moose!

We picked out Moose (formerly Munch) on June 18. After a couple of delays, I went to pick him up from Fortunate Pooches and Lab Rescue last Wednesday. Although I had set up a meeting place only a few miles from where my grandparents lived, it wasn't until I passed near the cemetery on the way there that I recognized the significance. Getting Moose on June 27 was a perfect way to turn the day of my grandfather's death into a day of new beginnings.

We don't know much about Moose. He's a friendly, submissive, two-year-old black Lab with a big head. He came from southern Illinois with fleas and a (fortunately mild) case of heart worm. The rescue group got rid of his fleas and started his heart worm treatment. We just have to keep him relatively calm for the next four weeks (which may not be easy), give him some pills, and take him back for a few follow-up tests.

After the woman from the rescue group drove away, I led Moose toward our car. He put his paws on the ledge of the passenger side door... and jumped in through the open window! He sure didn't have any hesitation about going home with me!

Sorry I'm a few days late posting this, but I wanted to wait until I had a photo:

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Jen said...

Congratulations! What a cutie.