Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BC2012: Ask Click and Clack by Tom and Ray Magliozzi

I bought this from a clearance table at Borders before the fall. I chose to read it now because of the recent announcement that the Magliozzis are retiring from their radio show, Car Talk, after 35 years (the first 10 in Boston and the last 25 on NPR)*. Somehow I missed the NPR train that all my liberal and/or intellectual friends boarded many years ago, so I've only heard Car Talk three times. Actually, while driving around in the desert Southwest, I picked up the same episode three times in different places over the course of a weekend. So maybe that means I've only heard the show once.

Whatever. Regardless of my previous inexperience with Click and Clack, I love this book. The guys answer all sorts of car-related questions in a hilarious yet informative style. My favorite chapter is one where they dispel a bunch of myths that I've been hearing since before I could even drive. It's also a quick read; I knocked it out in one long afternoon at Costello Sandwiches & Sides.

* Although the brothers are retiring, their producers plan to put together shows from un-aired material they've accumulated over the years so the show will go on for a while.

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