Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Upcoming NCIS Season Finale

This is it, the episode we've all been waiting for, at least since Jamie Lee Curtis began her guest stint as Dr. Ryan. In the last episode of the season, she will finally confront Gibbs about his regularity: "Jethro, have you tried Activia?"

Even the usually curious very special agent Tony DiNozzo will be horrified by this turn of events, and he'll stop conjecturing with Ziva about Dr. Ryan and Gibbs' relationship ("Is there a bounce in his step?" "No, it's just gas"). Abby will perform a chemical analysis of Gibbs' diet, and McGee will hack into Dannon's computer system (why? who knows? that's just what he does). Palmer, suffering from intense pre-wedding anxiety, will be running for the bathroom every ten minutes. Meanwhile, Ducky will launch into a lengthy story about the time he performed an autopsy on a man "whose bowels were packed tighter than Japanese businessmen in a Tokyo subway car."

C'mon NCIS fans, you had to see this coming. For years, Gibbs and his team have been referring to his legendary "gut."

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