Friday, May 04, 2012

Pet Peeve

Damn it, Monti's, I really wanted you to be perfect. Sure, your Philly cheesesteaks are a bit pricey, but you cram more meat and more cheese into them than other places, plus you use authentic Amoroso rolls. And unlike those weenies at Philly's Best, you know which cola is the best. You also have table service, unlike PB where I have to listen for my number and go fetch. Besides, the cost is offset by the $2.50 I save by not taking the L.

My sandwich was excellent. I even ordered it wit' onions for authenticity's sake (I usually get mine without), and it was still excellent. The provolone was great, and I'm anxious to try the smoked cheddar. The fries weren't my fave (I was forewarned about the celery salt and should have known better), but I usually skip the fries anyway. Or I can load them up with your pizza toppings, a great option that PB should offer (PB's cheese fries are pretty awesome, though).

The server was friendly and attentive, right up until I paid my bill. And then... nothing. I finished my Coke as I was reading, but no one offered a refill. I saw my server with her purse slung over her shoulder, so I assume she was leaving and it wasn't really her fault. But they weren't closing for the evening, and there were several other staff members around the bar 15 feet away. There was only one other patron, so it wasn't like they were busy. I sipped water as my ice cubes melted. I placed my glass in plain view and tried to make eye contact with a server. But I was invisible.

I hate it when restaurants ignore you as soon as you've paid your bill. I understand if they're busy and they want to gently persuade you not to linger so they can turn over the table. But when the place is nearly empty, why ignore your customers?

Anyway, the food at Monti's was so good that I'm willing to give them a second chance. But this time when they bring the check, I'll just let the damn thing sit there gathering dust until I've had all I care to drink!

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Jen said...

Refills (or the lack therof) are usually my number one rationale behind leaving a decent tip and leaving a fantastic one. (I've been known to leave 100% tip on a small bill if they bring me the sodas consistently.)