Saturday, May 26, 2012

BC2012: True Bloggywood Stories by Perez Hilton

Okay, I'll admit that this is trash. If I wasn't keeping score this year, I wouldn't bother to blog about it (heck, I probably wouldn't have finished it). Hilton's first book, Red Carpet Suicide, was better; it had some sort of general message (a sarcastic guide to how to be a celebrity). My wife got some laughs from that book, so I bought this follow-up at Half Price Books for $2. True Bloggywood Stories doesn't have a plot or a point. It's mostly catty, unfocused ranting and rambling.

If you like Hilton's blog (I don't read celebrity blogs), you might like True Bloggywood Stories. But even then, it's the sort of thing that's outdated by the time it's published. More than two years have passed since it came out, and now it's pretty irrelevant. After all, celebrity news is the most disposable news there is.


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