Saturday, May 05, 2012

BC2012: Rickles' Book by Don Rickles with David Ritz

After watching Rickles on David Letterman's show Monday night, I dug up this memoir I bought during the Borders bankruptcy sale. Seeing him on TV turned out to be the perfect lead-in to reading his book. The chapters are very short, two to five pages, and each reads just like Rickles telling a story on a talk show. I can't imagine co-author Ritz had to do much work aside from writing it down and putting it in chronological order because it all sounds just like Rickles speaks.

This is a book about old-time Las Vegas and Hollywood. Rickles tells stories about Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Johnny Carson, Bob Newhart, and many other entertainers. He also writes about his family, including his mother's role in getting Sinatra to come to his show in Miami (his opening line when Frank walked in: "Make yourself comfortable, Frank, hit somebody!").

Rickles' comedic style isn't for everyone, although it's pretty mild by modern standards. He's an insult-slinging smart-ass, but he's not Lisa Lampanelli or Andrew "Dice" Clay. Surely everyone has seen Rickles on TV at some point by now anyway (if not, search YouTube). Anyone who enjoys those appearances should like this book.

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