Thursday, May 24, 2012

BC2012: How to Really Stink at Work by Jeff Foxworthy & Brian Hartt

I got a great deal on this "Guide to Making Yourself Fire-Proof While Having the Most Fun Possible" at Borders in Oak Brook. Originally $16, it cost me only $3.59 during the bankruptcy sale. Although How to Really Stink at Work is funny -- people should know by now that Foxworthy isn't a one-trick pony who only does redneck jokes -- I wouldn't have paid $16 for this book. There just isn't much meat to it. Even reading aloud, I buzzed through it pretty quickly.

The book is mostly aimed at office jobs, but my wife thought a lot of it applied just as well to her job as a police officer. It would probably make a good gift for a recent college graduate, if you happen to know one who has actually found a job.

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