Wednesday, May 02, 2012

April - BC2012 and Other Goals

Another month has passed already. I still think about Gracie and Ginger a lot, but this month was definitely better than last. The worst is over. Now maybe we'll see some action on more of these goals besides BC2012.

1. Book Challenge 2012: It was an awesome month for the Book Challenge. I read ten books, right on target, and several were very good. I even managed to write about all of them by the end of the month without fudging the time stamps to squeeze them in before midnight (you didn't really think I whipped out half a dozen reviews in less than 20 minutes at the end of March, did you? Unlike some bloggers, I actually proofread my entries before posting). But what's really incredible is the purchase total -- I only bought one book all month! I'm starting to build up a respectable ratio of finished to purchased, which was another of my goals. April totals: 10 books finished, 1 book purchased. Overall totals: 39 books finished, 20 books purchased.

2. Cut down on e-mail: Not only haven't I cancelled anything lately, but my inbox is out of control. Last month I lamented that I had 100 unread messages; now it's pushing 300. Yikes.

3. Drive less: This one is still going well. Aside from Easter, I stayed within five miles of home.

4. Physical activity: It was a dud of a month for this. The weather wasn't nearly as nice as last month although my mood was better. I walked 2-3 miles a couple of times early in the month, but that's about all. Spring should come for real in May.

5. Drink more: I finished off the Moldovan vodka and started on the French vodka, but I'm getting tired of vodka. Regardless, I had a great vodka drink at the Pony Inn -- it was like a screwdriver plus orange soda. Yum! I also finished off Grandpa's bottle of Cutty Sark. But don't worry; between the Chivas Regal and the Absolut, Grandpa's spirits will be around for a long time.

6. Dine and shop locally: Not bad. I bought groceries at Gene's Sausage Shop instead of driving to Jewel, and most of the meals I ate out were local. I also learned of a new restaurant called Monti's serving Philly cheesesteaks only a few blocks away, but I haven't tried it yet. I used to go to Philly's Best on Belmont until those bastards swapped out the Coke fountain for Pepsi. Monti's serves Coke.

7. Clean and declutter: I didn't accomplish much, but at least it didn't get worse. I moved a few things from the kitchen to the attic.

8. Enhance and expand my web presence: No progress.

9. Figure out my professional future: Nothing here either.

10. Floss regularly: I nailed this one. I don't think I missed any days in April.

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