Thursday, April 05, 2012

Planned Parenthood Refuses Tucker Max's $500K Donation

I guess he shouldn't have made his donation in honor of Haywood Jablome!

See Feministe rant here. Although I think Feministe* goes overboard**, I won't defend Tucker Max because I think his books are shit. I tried hard to like I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, reading more pages than usual in the bookstore on several occasions. I don't recall why I made such an effort; I guess because I kept hearing how hilarious he was supposed to be. Anyway, it was a complete waste of time because everything I read was just dumb and unfunny, like it was written by a drunken Wrigleyville frat boy with a Bud Lite in one hand and his johnson in the other.***

Of course, the stupid thing about this rejection is that Tucker Max still gets all the publicity he wanted, but Planned Parenthood doesn't get a penny from him in return. Way to fight the power, sisters!

* I found the story through AlterNet. You didn't really think I spend all my time reading feminist blogs, did you? I mean, I have a lot of free time, but not that much free time.

** The argument that Planned Parenthood's enemies would use a Tucker Max donation against them to deny funding sounds specious to me. The kind of people who are against PP probably don't have any idea who Tucker Max is, or maybe they are in fact his biggest fans. Either way, I can't see how they would use it against PP. Think about it -- a guy widely considered to be immoral giving a donation to a group they consider to be immoral. How could PP's enemies leverage that?

*** Therefore the only Big Question one must broach in critiquing this sort of literature is this: how did he write or type with both hands otherwise occupied? Hey, I think I just stumbled upon the plot for the next Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software commercial!

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