Sunday, April 22, 2012

BC2012: Great Mythconceptions by Karl Kruszelnicki

Apparently, the author is world-famous in Australia as Dr. Karl for his radio show and newspaper column about scientific mythconceptions. This book debunks 52 such mythconceptions including "Einstein Failed School", "Duck Quacks Don't Echo", "Milk Makes Mucus", "Truth Serum", "Man on Moon Conspiracy" (with a shout-out to Phil Plait), "Bible Code", and "Chocolate Zits". I had read about a number of these being untrue elsewhere (I've read several books in this genre, so overlap is inevitable), but many were completely new to me (maybe some are more common Down Under?). The author takes a decidedly scientific approach, but he explains things well for laypeople.

I even found one of these mythconceptions in the next book I read, Another Shot -- the one claiming the average person only uses 10% of his or her brain.

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