Monday, April 30, 2012

BC2012: Everybody into the Pool: True Tales by Beth Lisick

One of my favorite musicians these days is Chuck Prophet. His 2009 album ¡Let Freedom Ring! is in my top five of the millennium so far* (I'm afraid to buy his latest, Temple Beautiful, because I can't imagine it being as good). Late last year I read almost his entire website, including several years worth of blog entries. In October 2005, he wrote about this book. I put in on my list, and a couple months ago I found it at Half Price Books (as it turns out, it is available for even less than half price at right now).

This is what I call an episodic memoir -- not a complete story, but scattered bits and pieces. I found it hilarious, but I suppose I should warn about its content. Let's put it this way: if you think the idea of working for nuns to earn money to pay for an abortion is funny, then you'll probably like this book. If you like lesbians, you'll love it.**

One thing about Lisick's style that I particularly enjoy is the way her stories kind of sneak up on you. Each chapter begins with pages of scene-setting hilarity before she gets around to whatever the chapter is really about.

I was laughing so much reading this book in a restaurant that the people at the next table stopped by on their way out to ask what I was reading!

So thanks to CP for turning me on to a great book. I promise I'll give your new album a chance.

* The Dirty South by Drive-By Truckers is another. Okay, those are the only albums on the list, but there's a lot of millennium still to come.

** I had a (nonsexual) dream about lesbians last night, and I'm sure it was because of this book.


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