Saturday, March 31, 2012

BC2012: Beyond the Box $core by Rick Horrow & Karla Swatek

I bought this "Insider's Guide to the $750 Billion Business of Sports" at a Borders bankruptcy sale. It's mildly interesting, although it reads more like a series of lengthy magazine articles than one cohesive book. The copyediting is especially atrocious. I've become accustomed to misspellings, missing words, and other minor errors, but this book is much worse. There are nonsensical sentences and blatant factual errors. Here is one of the most egregious:
The vote passed. The [Oklahoma City] Thunder rolled in. So far, the team is in the NFL's top five teams in attendance figures. And they're getting better on the hardwood, too. (page 115)
Wow! Who would ever think a basketball team would be among the top five in the National Football League?! Did anybody read this thing before it went to press?

Aside from stuff like that, Beyond the Box $core is just okay. I learned a few things (most shocking: "A staggering 60 percent of NBA players go bankrupt five years after they retire"), but the book didn't hold my interest very well. A book like this really needs an index, too.

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