Friday, January 06, 2012

North Dakota Bicycling Legends

Now there's a category you won't be seeing on Jeopardy! anytime soon. This great story involves internationally known American racer Andy Hampsten from Grand Forks -- the only non-European to win the Giro d'Italia -- and a less famous racer from Fargo, Hans Scholz.

Coincidentally, both would go on to make bicycles in the Pacific Northwest with their brothers. First Hans' brother Alan started Burley Design (nee Burley Bike Bags) to make panniers, eventually adding trailers (for which the company is best known) and bicycles (which they no longer manufacture). In the late 1980s, Hans and Alan founded Green Gear Cycling in Eugene, OR to build folding bicycles. The company is now known as Bike Friday. Not to be outdone by their old NoDak rivals, Andy and Steve Hampsten started Hampsten Cycles in Seattle in 1999.

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