Saturday, January 07, 2012

Introduction to Book Challenge 2012

The main goal is to read more books than I buy. Assuming Barnes & Noble doesn't go belly up this year (which may be a big assumption) and I don't make it out to Portland, that shouldn't be a problem. Ideally, I will restrain myself enough to create a meaningful ratio, such as 1.5 books finished per book purchased (in 2009 the margin was a narrow 1.05 to 1). I will blog something about each book, probably a brief review or summary plus whatever else I feel like saying about purchasing or reading it. My next goal is to finish more books this year than in 2009, when I finished 101 (as in previous years, it only matters when I finish a book, even if I started it years ago).

Changes: 1.) I'm not going to bother with that "give up on two books per month" thing that I tried last year. 2.) Instead of keeping a running total in each post, this year I plan to update my numbers monthly. That should make it easier for me to keep track of books purchased. 3.) At least to start, I won't have any book cover illustrations because those bastards at terminated my account (all Illinois affiliates got the ax -- although my Amazon links are still active, I don't get a commission anymore). I joined the Borders affiliate program, but obviously that didn't work out. Then I signed up for the Barnes & Noble affiliate program just a few weeks before they switched over to another affiliate management company. By then I was too annoyed to sign up again. It didn't seem worth the aggravation for the $20-30 bucks a year I earned as an affiliate.

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