Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Good Morning!

Wow! This is just about the best news I could have imagined waking up to today. According to a Chicago Tribune e-mail alert from 24 minutes ago:
Jerry Angelo out as Bears GM

A public that has largely been calling for sweeping changes at Halas Hall has gotten its wish: Jerry Angelo will not return as general manager of the Chicago Bears for a 12th season, multiple NFL sources told the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday.
I am part of that public, and I am very happy this morning. I've been waiting years for this. As Brad Biggs' article says, "...ultimately a track record for poor drafts will mark his legacy." He didn't do so well in the free agent market last year either (Brandon "The Freelancer" Meriweather, Roy "Hands of Stone" Williams, Sam "Just Say Yes" Hurd, et al -- although I have to admit Adam Podlesh is a heck of a punter). I hope offensive coordinator Mike Martz follows him out the door.

UPDATE 01/03/2012 - Hallelujah! Martz resigned! The QB coach is leaving, too, which is great considering how utterly unprepared back-up Caleb Hanie was to run the Bears offense.

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