Sunday, January 08, 2012

BC2012: Sean & David's Long Drive by Sean Condon

This is basically a diary of a trip Condon and his buddy took around the eastern half of Australia circa 1995. There's lots of driving, lots of drinking (but not while driving), lots of boring miles, and lots of exaggerations or half-truths. It's generally pretty amusing, and part of the fun is guessing exactly where the author crosses the line between fact and fiction. The cover design is pretty neat -- it looks like a cassette case with the cassette visible on the back (a blurb is written on the label) and the blank J-card in the background on the front. Based on that motif, I expected to read a bit more about the music they listened to along the way. I guess I'll cut the author some slack since the car's tape deck wasn't always working.

Naturally, this book reminded me of Cold Beer and Crocodiles, a book about a bicycle tour around Australia that I reviewed here over seven years ago. Of course, Roff Smith's bike ride was much more impressive, especially since Condon didn't even venture into Western Australia. I'll admit that this book was funnier, though.

Note: I read the edition on the left.


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