Monday, January 30, 2012

BC2012: I Hate This Place by Jimmy Fallon & Gloria Fallon

Subtitled "The Pessimist's Guide to Life", this book could have been so much better. It might have put me to sleep, but it was too short. Not that I wish it was any longer, mind you. Fortunately, it was deeply discounted from its $8.95 list price plus I bought it during the Borders bankruptcy. I think I paid 25-35 cents!

There's not much to this book (literally, it's mostly 1-3 sentences per page), and most of it is obvious -- I knew many of the punchlines before I read them. According to the "about" page, this book started as an exchange of e-mails between brother and sister. As such, it was probably pretty funny, at least to them. But it doesn't make for much of a book.

It probably doesn't help that I knew from a Rolling Stone profile that Jimmy Fallon is an incredibly upbeat, positive guy. Come to think of it, maybe that explains everything. An optimist who writes "The Pessimist's Guide to Life" is clearly out of his element.

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